Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the MCA Program for Database Architects

Amidst the inaugural Microsoft Business Intelligence conference and news-bytes about SQL Server 'Katmai', the Microsoft Certified Architect Program recently announced the Microsoft Certified Architect: Database designation.

Similar to the MCA: Messaging depth-architect certification, the MCA: Database path appears to be highly focused in the area of database architecture and SQL Server, with a rigorous 4 week program in Redmond, WA costing $25,000USD. According to the link, the program will only be open to those working for Microsoft Certified Gold Partner organisations, as well as Microsoft employees.

Although a closer look at the curriculum reveals coverage on Integration Services, one cannot help but wonder whether a comprehensive "MCA: Business Intelligence" certification is in development.

What do you think about the MCA Program? Too pricey? Worth the trip to Washington?

- Adrian Downes


Anonymous said...

Another Microsoft's BS. Each company has very 'special' approach on architecture based on INternally estalished rules and Politics . Nothing to deal with Microsoft's or Sun's development platforms. Therefore, such billion dollar industry of Large COnsulting companies exists up to now. I am not surprised that some Consulting Companies would like to add Micrsoft Architect certified for their efforts to make business...

Adrian Downes said...

I suppose that's the very nature of certification: marketing. Most of us do it in some shape or form as a consequence of competition whether it be for pursuing a new job, or for winning new work. For some, being certified is a personal challenge bested, while for others it's a means to communicate capability (braindumps notwithstanding). Like it or not, certification is definitely part of the marketing mix in the IT profession, and I suspect it won't go away anytime soon.

Thanks for your input.