Saturday, September 15, 2007

On Two Rational Guides for PerformancePoint Server 2007

After The Rational Guide to Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager 2005 was released many people asked "so when's the PPS book coming?". Nick Barclay and I remained decidedly quiet about the idea of another book. It was, in fact, always our intention to write a PerformancePoint book, with the aim of publishing as close to RTM as possible.

Early on in the planning process we found that a single Rational Guide just didn't contain enough pages to cover the product adequately; to remedy this we wrote two books.

We are pleased to announce that the following books are soon to be published via Rational Press:

Based on the feedback from readers and bloggers, Nick and I have found that the interest in learning the product is massive. Our titles are designed specifically to help you get up to speed quickly with the Monitor - Analyze - Plan feature areas of PerformancePoint.

- Adrian Downes


Tim K said...

Excellent news Guys - I've no doubt the books will be excellent. If you need any help with proof-reading etc, you're very welcome to get in touch :)

JeffC said...

Thanks for all the fine work you and Nick are doing in helping users understand the functionality and capabilities of PPS. Keep up the good work.

Russell said...

Hey, did the release of your books get pushed back? Monitoring/Analytics was supposed to ship from Amazon 15-Nov, and now it's telling me January delivery :(

Adrian Downes said...

Thanks for the well-wishes guys... and Russell, you should know that the M&A book is now published and available for shipping...


- Adrian Downes