Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On a Well-Deserved Award for a True Microsoft BI MVP

Congratulations to B(iQ) Principal Consultant Nick Barclay who recently learned he became a Microsoft MVP in the SQL Server category. Nick has put his heart into his professional passion for Microsoft BI for most of his career, and, this prestigious award validates the global Microsoft BI community view of his efforts. When the euphoria and adrenalin wear off somewhat, I'm certain Nick will have his MVP profile up and ready for viewing :-)

- Adrian Downes


Darren Gosbell said...

Congratulations Adrian, well done on getting awarded.

Peter Ward said...

Congratulations Adrian

Adrian Downes said...

Thanks Darren & Peter... I certainly was not expecting it, but it is appreciated!


Iman Eftekhari said...

Congratulations Adrian!