Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On Your Top 10 List for PerformancePoint Planning

While the Microsoft PerformancePoint Planning development team hasn't formally asked (outside of the Connect site), I thought a Letterman-like "Top 10 List" thread on the TechNet PerformancePoint Planning Forum would be a helpful way to stimulate suggestions, ideas and discussion for new PPS Planning features (those which could be considered for the next version of the product). On the forum, I have proposed a basic approach to listing the top 3-10 feature ideas/suggestions/improvements that you may have, with a one-line justification in terms of value to end-users and/or IT professionals.

This shouldn't be viewed as an opportunity to deride the product-- instead, consider it as a constructive means for those of us working with the product (on a regular basis) to provide community feedback. Here, the intention is to add value to the Microsoft development and product management effort.

If you are keen to share your ideas and get involved in the discussion, click here .

I see, as I type these very words, that Alan Whitehouse (another excellent PPS blogger worthy of subscribing to) has already shared his thoughts in the discussion thread.... gotta love that real-time feedback, eh?


- Adrian Downes

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