Sunday, April 27, 2008

On Feedback for the PerformancePoint Rational Guides

It has been a little over seven months since my esteemed colleague Nick Barclay (MVP) and I first announced our Rational Guides on PerformancePoint. Since then we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback (emails, verbal, blogs, etc.) for our titles, especially from readers who are preparing for the MCTS: PerformancePoint exam (70-556). As always, we are greatful for all the support we have received from around the world for our books, and, are pleased to learn that so many people are benefiting from them. What follows is a humble attempt to centralize and share reviews of our books. Once again, many thanks again to everyone who shared feedback on them.

Bruno Aziza (U.S.): PPS-M&A and PPS-P Review

Chris Webb (U.K.): PPS-M&A Review

Dan English (U.S.): PPS-M&A Review, PPS-P Review

Daniel Upton (U.S.) :PPS-M&A Review, PPS-P Review

David Street (U.S.): PPS-P Review

Jeff Carr (U.S.): PPS-M&A Review

Jen Hamlin (Canada): PPS-M&A Review

Josh Sale (U.S.): PPS-M&A Review

Paul Steynberg (S. Africa): PPS-P Review

Ryan Jamieson (S. Africa): PPS-M&A Review, PPS-P Review

Sacha Tomey (U.K.): PPS-M&A Review, PPS-P Review

Teo Lachev (U.S.A): PPS-M&A Review, PPS-P Review

Tim Kent (U.K.): PPS-M&A Review

Note: if I have missed your review, then please accept my apologies and let me know ASAP by leaving a comment on this post with a link to your review.

- Adrian Downes

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