Friday, May 2, 2008

On More Great PerformancePoint Planning Blogs & Posts

Although PerformancePoint Planning can be challenging to learn, it is great to see the growing number of bloggers and posts dedicated to helping us appreciate the finer points of this feature area:

Sacha Tomey continues to add value to the learning experience with his recent post on PEL Business Rule Re-use and Pre-defined What If Scenarios. The post targets developers and IT professionals charged with creating and maintaining PEL specifically for what-if analysis. Clearly the voice of experience is sounded here.

Norm's PerformancePoint Server Blog, which has posts on PerformancePoint data integration and test environment deployments, presents a quick 20-minute video on PPS-Planning Intercompany Eliminations for a Financial Model by Forrest Dermid (Microsoft). Forrest demystifies a seemingly difficult topic for developers and IT professionals, demonstrating that whilst accounting knowledge of the subject is helpful, it certainly is not necessary to grasp.

Peter Eb. of Microsoft, a familiar expert on the TechNet PerformancePoint Planning forum continues to roll out excellent posts related to the Planning Business Client (formerly known as the PPS Add-in for Excel).

While you're at it, take the time to visit bloggers Alan Whitehouse and Jeremey Kashel, both of whom continue to add a dose of reality in their experiences with PerformancePoint Planning.

The braintrust in PerformancePoint Planning is definitely growing in blogspace...I highly recommend subscribing to these bloggers as a great way to supplement your PerformancePoint Planning education.

- Adrian Downes

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